Kaveri Executive Committee 2023

Rohini Kumar

  • Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • Coordinated Cultural programs in 2015, 2018, Served as Executive committee Member in 2016, 2017; Joint Secretary in 2020, Treasurer in 2021, Vice President in 2022. Coordinated and executed Fashion Show during Kaveri Golden Jubilee event.

Vice President
Sudarshana Bhaktavatsala

  • Mysuru, Karnataka
  • In last 2 years taking office bearer role supported finance in 2021, and this year (2022) in addition to the KEC events, did stage management for 50th year, bringing community people to participate in multiple activities - Lead Kaveri Idol, Kids Karaoke event with Singer Harsha, Father’s Day event with standup comedian Raghavendra

Dr Rohini Banavar

  • Mysuru, Karnataka
  • I have been attending kaveri events on and off since 2006. I have been an executive member in 2020 and 2021 and was the joint secretary in 2022. I have directed kids' nataka in 2019 and 2022 on the kaveri stage. My kids love to attend kaveri events and are part of the kaveri youth committee.

Joint Secretary
Jyothi Mandya

  • Mandya, Karnataka
  • KEC Executive member - 2019 & 2022. Stage management and Volunteer for Decoration committee & Sammilana- the grand Finale - for Kaveri Golden Jubilee Celebration

Mohan Venkobdas

  • Manvi, Raichur dist. Karnataka
  • Attending Kaveri functions since 2004. I served as a Kannada Kaliyona teacher at Herndon location for six years. Served as a member of KEC 2021 and as the treasurer of KEC 2022

Joint Treasurer
Srikanta Rao

  • Mysuru, Karnataka
  • Member and volunteer since 2008; KEC 2021; KEC 2022

Youth Coordinator
Sowmya Vinay

  • Mysuru, Karnataka
  • Actively coming to Kaveri since 2008, kids and I participated in many cultural activities including dances, dance dramas, emceeing etc. Volunteering in Kannada Kaliyona as a teacher for many years, volunteered actively in the Golden Jubilee Registration Committee

Youth Coordinator
Naga Chaitanya Nandivelugu

  • Bellary, Karnataka
  • Have been coming to Kaveri from 2011, actively started working with KEC 2021,2022 and 2023, spent countless number of hours for golden jubilee celebration.

Executive Committee
Prathima Murthy

  • Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • I have participated actively in Kaveri events since 2017, been coordinator for Aralumallige magazine and Kannada teacher since 2021. Been part of Golden Jubilee event, helping with Registration, Stage management and coordination of programs.

Executive Committee
Soumya Nagshankar

  • Coorg, Karnataka
  • Life Member (active since 1999), Served as Joint Treasurer & Youth Coordinator in 2007, Executive Committee Member in 2011, Women's forum at AKKA convention in 2006, Decoration, Registration Committee member during Kaveri Golden Jubilee celebration. Active volunteer at various capacities.

Executive Committee
Bindu Gururaj

  • Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • 2019 supported as extented committee for KYC. 2020 KYC committee member, 2021 executive committee member, 2022 executive committee member Kaveri golden jubilee event I was involved in decoration committee, Ratha project, music team.

Executive Committee
Kiran Chinivar

  • Bengaluru , Karnataka
  • involved with Kaveri from 2006, associated with sports team during 2007, 2008 Cricket tournament

Executive Committee
Raj Davanagere

  • Chitradurga , Karnataka
  • my wife,Prakruti Anand and I have a 9 year old son, Yuvan. My parents and younger sister reside in Bengaluru. My younger brother and his family live in Delaware. I am a big fan of adventure sports like hiking, biking, boxing and scuba diving. We as a family love traveling. I am also a trekker and backpacker.

Executive Committee
V James Dante

  • Udupi, Karnataka
  • 2022 KEC member. Has been a Kaveri member since 2004 and lives in Fairfax, VA. Member of Kaveri Food Management and Literary/Souvenir committees during the Kaveri Golden Jubilee celebration.

Sudhir Sharma

  • Udupi, Karnataka
  • Past KEC Member, Vice President, Auditor