KEC 2012

2012 Events Album

President: Haridas T. Lahari

Native place: Udupi, Karnataka
Year of arrival: 1999
Education: B E. in Computer Engg. from AIT Chikmagalur, M.Tech in Computer Engg. from MIT Manipal
Current Location: Vienna, Virginia

Kaveri Involvement:
* Introduced to Kaveri in 1999
* Started working for Kaveri in 2005
* Worked in Kaveri 2006 executive committee from July 2006 December 2006
* Served in Kaveri executive committee 2007
* Started sculpting Kaveri Clay Ganseha Idol from 2007, every year
* Supportted all Kaveri committees from 2006 in stage design, setups,poster designs and e-mail designs
* Taken photographs of all major Kaveri events and updated Kaveri website from 2007 to 2011
* Kaveri Yearly magazine Bhavanadi cover page design 2005, 2006, 2007 and editor/designer of Bhavanadi - 2007
* Kannada Kaliyona logo designed 2008
* Got Kaveri Creative Artist award 2008
* Worked for Kaveri Publicity during 2011
* Conducted Ganesha sculpting workshop for Kaveri parents/kids - 2011

Contribution During 4th AKKA World Kannada Convention hosted by Kaveri 2006:
* Designed 4th AKKA World Kannada Convention logo
* Played major role in creating and updating 4th AKKA Convention Web site as Web committee chair in 2006
* Decoration committee chair, member of procession committee,souvenir committee, c-event registration, publicity committee, designed convention business forum website - 2006
* Designed more than 200 flyers, posters, banners during 4th AKKA convention - 2006
* Designed AKKA convention main stage and responsible for implementation of the stage, which is one of the highlight of the convention - 2006
* Outstanding work and talent have been recognised during Convention Volunteer apprciation ceremony

Contribution to AKKA:
* Designed convention logo for 5th AKKA World Kannada Chikago Convention 2008 logo
* One of the editor of AKKA mothly magazine 'Jagali'
* Designer of AKKA mothly magazine 'Jagali'
* Working with 7th Atlanta AKKA 2012 convention committee and designing publicity posters and e-mail graphics

Contribution to Navika:
* Created a poster for Business Forum during Navika Convention Bangalore 2011

Contribution to Kannada Sahitya Ranga, USA:
* Designed and implemented Kannada Sahitya Ranga Convention stage - 2009

Family details:
* Wife: Nanditha K. Work for Booz Allen Hamilton, Mclean from 2001, also a painter. Child: 4 year old Nanma Haridas

* Graphics, painting, animation, singing, sports, dancing
* Displayed and sold paintings in few Art festivals and exhibitions.
* Company Tennis chapion during 2005.(SETA Mclean)
* Played major role in forming Kannada Karaoke Troupe - Gaana Sudhaa 2011

Activities in other organizations:
* Worked as a webmaster for Vienna Arts Society 2006 and 2007

Major Resposnibilitis for year 2012:
* Fund Raising, Publicity, Stage design, Website design

Vice President : Sharmila Murthy

Native place: Bangalore, Karnataka
Year of arrival: 1996
Current Location: Fairfax, Virginia

Kaveri Involvement:
* Since 1996, took part in various cultural activities,
* Stage Manager,Program coordinator for kids program, Procession and Dance committee member during AKKA-2006, Executive Committee Member KEC 2009
* Joint Secretary KEC 2010, Secretary KEC 2011
* Choreographed children and adults dance and other cultural activities., Stage Manager,
* Program Coordinator, Introduced Kaveri 5K walk/run for the first time in Kaveri in 2009.,
* Program Concept developer and coordinator for Boogie Woogie, Dance Kaveri Dance and various other cultural activities held in Kaveri. Coordinated Kannada Kaliyona Dance program for Naavika - July 2010 in Bangalore, India

Family details:
* Husband: Sri.Rama.Murthy: Joint Secretary KEC 1995, Joint Treasurer KEC 2008, Kannada Kaliyona Teacher, Coordinator Kaveri Tennis since 2008
* Children: Vishnu Murthy : Youth Committee member since 2009, Secretary Youth committee 2010. Veda Murthy: Participated in Kannada Kaliyona and kids dance/song in Kaveri

* Choreographing dance, Long distance running

Activities in other organizations:
* Active member of VMS (Vishwa Madhwa Sangha), Coach for Odyssey of Mind team in Hunter's woods elementary school

Major Resposnibilitis for year 2012:
* Reception, Food Management, Program management

Secretary : Girish Vasudeva

Native place: Mysore, Karnataka
Education: MCA from University of Mysore
Year of arrival: September 2005
Current Location: Herndon, Virginia

Kaveri Involvement:
* Part of Kaveri from 2006, Actively involved in Kaveri's various cultural programs, registration, sports and other events.
* Served as Treasurer in 2010, Executive Committee member in 2008 and 2009.

Family details:
* Wife Smita, Daughter Ishika and Son Ishaan

* Playing with kids, Meeting new people, Driving

Activities in other organizations:
* Part of VPA

Major Resposnibilitis for year 2012:
* Fundraising, Publicity, Sports activities, Reception, Food Management

Joint Secretary : Nijaguna Prasad

Native place: Mudigundam, Kollegala, Karnataka
Education: M.Sc., Ph.D in Biochemistry from University of Mysore
Year of arrival: 1998
Current Location: Columbia, MD

Kaveri Involvement:
* Got introduced to Kaveri during 1998. Since then associated with Kaveri as a member and 'undesignated' volunteer. Executive commitee member in 2011. stage setup, reception etc etc. Worked as a volunteer wherever and whenever needed

Family details:
* Uma (wife), Chinthan (son) and Varsha (daughter)

* Listen to all sorts of music, Reading, playing cricket

Activities in other organizations:
* Actively participating in other community organizations such as Divine spark, JSS and VSNA

Major Resposnibilitis for year 2012:
* Audio Mangement, Technical Support, Stage Program Management

Treasurer : Shailaja Arkacharya

Native place: Mysore, Karnataka
Year of arrival: 1994
Current Location: Centerville, VA

Kaveri Involvement:
* Worked as executive committee member in 2010 and Joint Secretary in 2011. Also served as Kannada kaliyona teacher, stage and prgoram manager in different Kaveri functions

Family details:
* Umesh (Husband), Children: Chiraag Umesh: Youth Committee member & Kannada Kaliyona student, Charith Umesh: Youth Committee member Kannada & Kannada Kaliyona student

* Gardening, Reading, Math Tutor

Major Resposnibilitis for year 2012:
* Kaveri Membership & Financial Management

Joint Treasurer : Ramakrishna Bhat

Native place: Vittla Near Mangalore, Karnataka
Education: B.E Computer Science from UBDT Davanagere, PMP Certified
Year of arrival: 1997
Current Location: Herndon, VA

Kaveri Involvement:
* Volunteerd for Kaveri for 14 Years.Kaveri Executive Committee Member in Year 2001. Volunteered in Web & Registration Committee for 2006 AKKA Convention.

Family details:
* Prathibha Kumari (Wife), Children: Vipra Bhat & Vibhava Bhat

* Watching Cricket, Learning about Economy, Helping others

Activities in other organizations:
* VP Havyaka Organization, Producer of Kannada movie 'PARIE'

Major Resposnibilitis for year 2012:
* Kaveri Membership & Financial Management, Fund Raising, Publicity & Marketing

Youth Committee Coordinator (Adult) : Savitha Rao

Native place: Bengaluru, Karnataka
Year of arrival: 1990 and DC area since 1993
Current Location: Laytonsville, MD

Kaveri Involvement:
* Part of Kaveri from 1993. Worked as Treasurer in 1996. Chairperson for the Procession commitee during AKKA 2006.
* Have co-ordinated several programs of children and adults for Kaveri functions. Also worked/ working as Kannada Kaliyona teacher.

Family details:
* Husband: Manjunath Rao Son: Amogh Rao

Major Resposnibilitis for year 2012:
* Youth Committee Management

EC Member : Kumar G. N

Native place: Bengaluru, Karnataka
Education: BE in Electronics and Communication
Year of arrival: 1998 and DC area since 2011
Current Location: Reston, VA

Kaveri Involvement:
* Got introduced to Kaveri during 2012

Family details:
* Mamatha (wife)

* Dancing, Public Speaking. Won many swing dancing contests

Major Resposnibilitis for year 2012:
* Audio/ Video Mangement, Technical support, Managing children activities during each function

EC Member : Mythri Manjunath

Native place: Davanagere, Karnataka
Education: Computer Science Engineering from UBDT davanagere
Year of arrival: Jaunary 2000
Current Location: Fairfax, VA

Kaveri Involvement:
* Got introduced to Kaveri during 2008, Executive Committee Member in 2010 and Joint Treasurer during 2011. Performed at various Kaveri occasions

Family details:
* Manjunath(Husband) Children: Milan & Manya

* Watching Movies & Cooking

Major Resposnibilitis for year 2012:
* Reception, Program/Stage Management

EC Member : Nutan Dodbele

Native place: Bengaluru, Karnataka
Year of arrival: 1988
Current Location: Alexandria, VA

Kaveri Involvement:
* Got introduced to Kaveri in 1988. Innvolved in Women’s Forum during AKKA 2006 and gave a Batik and cake decoration demonstration and display of paintings during Kaveri Kalamela 2008

Family details:
* Simha Dodbele (husband), Daughters: Samantha and Nikita

* Painting, Experimenting new recipes and have a Cooking blog, Aerobics

Major Resposnibilitis for year 2012:
* Reception, Food Management, Stage Decoration

EC Member : Ravishankar Mahadevappa

Native place: Mudigunda, Kollegal Taluk, Chamarajanagar District, Karnataka
Education: Bachelor of Engineering, SIT Tumkur
Year of arrival: September, 2007
Current Location: Alexandria, VA

Kaveri Involvement:
* From the beginning of arrival, attended all Kaveri Functions. Also participated in many Kaveri programs/skit and earned the name - the King/Raja

Family details:
* Wife: Rekha, Daughter: Yukta

* Singing

Activities in other organizations:
* Secretary in VSNA Maryland

Major Resposnibilitis for year 2012:
* Food Committee, Program/ Stage Mangement, Sports

EC Member : Shobha Rao

Native place: Bengaluru, Karnataka
Education: Bachelor of Science, BMS College for Women, Bengaluru
Year of arrival: May 1997 and DC since Febraury 1998
Current Location: Boyds, Maryland

Kaveri Involvement:
* From 1998 to till 2011: volunteer
* 2002: Assisted Kaveri Treasurer
* 2002: Assisted Gaana Sudha orchestra started (Feb 2002) in Kaveri
* 2003: Assisted Orchestra : Kaveri Deepavali (Nov 2003) New Jersey Kannada Koota 'Triveni' Deepavali (Nov 2003) Pittsburg Kannada Koota 'Sangama' (Dec 6th, 2003)
* 2004: Assisted Kaveri Youth Orchetra with more than twelve singers and more than 15 instruments connected
* 2004: Assisted Kaveri Secretary for the presentation and Secretary Report in the December General Body
* 2005: Supported Kaveri President, Assisted Treasurer, Assisted Secretary
* 2005: Choreography & Music edition along with Suchetha Managoli "Unity in Diversity" Dance program
* 2006: Kaveri Treasurer
* 2006: AKKA WKC 2006: Food Committee, Music Committee, Reception Committee
* 2007 to 2011: Kaveri Volunteer
* 2002 to 2006: Lead Kaveri Sankranti ELLu Bella preparation

Family details:
* Rama Rao (husband): President of Kaveri Kannada Association 2005. National coordinator 4th AKKA convention and singer. Played major role in forming Gaana Sudhaa team. Also working as executive commitee member in different Indian organizations.
* Children: Akhil Rao and Arpith Rao, both were very active in all Kaveri Youth activitis. Participated in dances, Kaveri music and Kaveri Orchetra. Both served as Kaveri Youth committee cordinators

* Volunteer Work, Cooking, Reading, Carrom, Chess, Badminton, Arrange parties (event management)

Major Resposnibilitis for year 2012:
* Food Committee, Program/ Stage Mangement, Kaveri Youth Talent Contest

EC Member : Smitha Vasist

Native place: Parents are from Bengaluru, but grew up in North India
Education: Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science
Year of arrival: September, 1994
Current Location: Germantown, MD

Kaveri Involvement:
* Life Member and involved in the Women's Forum during AKKA 2006. Helped with Raffle and Children's Activities

Family details:
* Husband- Ravi Vasist, daughter Eesha and son Gautham

* Travelling, craftwork, knitting, crochet, reading and listening to music

Activities in other organizations:
* Active at Chinmaya mission Fredrick Chapter, volunteer at daughter's Girl's Scout troop and our Local HOA

Major Resposnibilitis for year 2012:
* Stage Decoration, Program/ Stage Mangement, Kaveri Youth Talent Contest

Youth Coordinator: Bharath Jois

Native place: Bengaluru, Karnataka
Education: Class of 2008 University of Maryland, College Park
Year of arrival: 1990
Current Location: Silver Spring, MD

Kaveri Involvement:
* Involved since I was 8 years old in various on stage performances. KYC secretary 2006-2007

Family details:
* Father: Venkat Jois; Mother: Meena Jois; Sister: Bhavna Jois

* Sports: Tennis, Football. Guitar and Technology

Major Resposnibilitis for year 2012:
* Youth Commitee Coordinator