KEC 2005

Sri Ramachandra Rao
President of Kaveri, 2005

Accomplishments of Kaveri in 2005:

  • i. Yearlong efforts in increasing paid-membership.
  • ii. Research in understanding the drivers for active involvement of youth in Kaveri activities.
  • iii. Balanced mix of programs with local talent and invited artists.
    •   - Invited programs from South California, Chicago, and New York Kannada Kootas.
    •   - Separate sahityotsava and naaTakotsava programs with focused artists.
    •   - Artists from India – Samarthanam, Dwarakeesh, H.S. Venkatesh Murthy, T.N. Seetharam, Srinivas Kappanna, and Parameshwara Hegde.
    •   - “Manoranjani” with artists from Karnataka - Ramesh Aravind, B.R.Chaya, Sudha Baraguru, Ram Prasad and team.
  • iv. At least one program every month.
  • v. Conscious efforts to improve quality of programs.
  • vi. Variety in food and serving (baale ele ooTa).
  • vii. Significant improvement in the Kaveri Audio System (purchase of new Mixer, Power Speakers,Wireless Microphones, & Accessories).

Suggestions to future committees:

  • i. Too many events in the year may put too much stress on the committee and the president.
  • ii. Increased youth participation in Kaveri is a long-term process, but efforts are worth it.
  • iii. Think out-of-box in additional to traditional methods for increasing paid membership.
  • iv. Coordinate and strategize with Northeastern Kannada Kootas for sharing costs towards invited artists from India.

Kaveri Committee Members for 2005

Name Role
Sri Ramachandra Rao President
Maya Harapanhalli Vice President
Anita Rao Secretary
Bangalore Chandra Joint Secretary
Basappa Doranal Treasurer
Shashikala Kulkarni Joint Treasurer
Sanjeev Managoli Member
Keshava Prasad/Madesh Basavaraju Member
Anita Kulkarni Member
Sudhir Jagadeeshan Member
Sujaya Desai Member
Jayshri Ravishankar Member
Bhargava Sudhindra Youth Committee
S.V.Acharya Auditor