KEC 1987

Dr. Kunigal. L. Vasanth - President of Kaveri, 1987

Kaveri Committee Members for 1987

Name Role
Dr. K. L. Vasanth President
Sri K. S. Lavappa Vice President
Sri Ravi Subramanyam Secretary
Sri Venkatesh Mysore Joint Secretary
Sri A. R. Char Treasurer
Sri B. S. Shivacharan Joint Treasurer
Sri G. S. Kalavar Member
Sri Sridhar Kedalaya Member
Smt Padmini Rao Member
Sri K. Rajashekhara Member
Sri B. S. Thyagaraja Member
Smt Supriya Steele Member
Smt Meena Telikicherla Member

Accomplishments of Kaveri in 1987:

  • i. Kaveri sponsored and hosted second North America Kannada Conference on September 5, 6 in 1987, in which Kannadigas from all over the United States and Canada took part.
  • ii. Kaveri collected and saved around $20,000 from the conference proceedings and saved it as a CD, whose interest is still being used for Kaveri activities.
  • iii. Kaveri hosted Late Sri Ramakrishna Hegde, the then Chief Minister of Karnataka.
  • iv. Kaveri made an effort to start Kannada Chair in the University of Iowa.