Kaveri History - Kaveri Haridu Banda Daari

Kaveri Founded in 1972

Around 1972, Kaveri Kannada Association of the Washington DC Metro area was founded by Smt. Vimala Channabasappa along with few other Kannadiga friends.

Smt. Vimala Channabasappa
President of Kaveri, 1972-1974

Brief history of founding of Kaveri year 1972-74:

In the nineteen fifties, Indians came to USA for studies. Some stayed back to work. In the sixties and seventies Indians immigrated with jobs in hand. Even then there were very few Kannadigas in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Myself and my husband Dr. Kenkere Channabasappa came to know Kanta and Gangadhar Kori, Nirmala and Magal Rao,. Bharati and Boggaram Setty (all from Virginia). To find out if their were other Kannadigas in the area, we started looking into the telephone directory. That is how we met Bhagya Rangachar, S.Krishnamurthy, Mandakini and Ram Kulkarni and others. First time we met at Sankranti, for a potluck dinner in my basement. We continued having potluck dinners at each other?s homes. I came to know that B.S. Shankarnarayan was interested in forming a Kannada Association. I was overjoyed. We invited Sharada and Shankarnarayan to our picnic at Burke Lake Park, in 1972. We talked about how each one of us could contribute their talent and goodwill in forming a Kannada Association. The weekly Indian radio program that Dr, Kenkere Channabasappa was producing would be of help in publicizing and attracting more area Kannadigas.

We met in Baltimore, Maryland to celebrate Dassara (1972). I wrote a kannada song in praise of Goddess Saraswati and sang it, accompanying myself with guitar. The song ends with "Karu-Nada kavigala kuladeviye; Horachelli hariyamma Kaveriye."

Smt. Rajalakshmi S Krishnamurthy. brightened the evening with her melodious songs. On that auspicious occasion we started "KAVERI".

Deepavali was our next meeting. As planned, we advertized the upcoming meeting in the India Hour Radio. With the result, several new Kannadigas attended the Deepavali celebration. About 150 persons were present. Since Kaveri did not have any money, S. Rangachar, Kenkere Channabasappa, S. Krishnamurthy and others solicited small donations for the Kaveri treasury. The entertainment consisted of group songs by ladies, Arati dance by Vimala Channabasappa, "Budabudike" and comedy acts. Food was Pot-luck. Sri D.N. Rajashekhar handled the decorations and the stage.

Accomplishments of Kaveri in 1972-1974:

  • i. Kaveri Kannada Association formed.
  • ii. Kaveri Constitution written.
  • iii. Kaveri approved as Tax Exempt Cultural organization by IRS.
  • iv. Dassara, Deepavali, Sankranti, Yugadi, Vasanthotsava etc.
  • v. Group folk songs at the Indian Embassy, on August 15th.
  • vi. Rangoli and art exhibition by Kaveri members.
  • vii. Music by famed violinist L.Shankar - money collected donated to Bengal famine fund.
  • viii. Recording tapes sent to Kannada Sahitya Parishat, for taping kannada lessons.
  • ix. Kirtane by Santa Keashavadas.
  • x. Group dance & background music by Kaveri ladies, at the India Independence Day in D.C

Kaveri Committee Members for 1972 - 1974

Name Role
Smt Vimala Channabasappa President
Sri Praphulla Chandra Vice President
Sri B.S. Shankaranarayana Secretary
Sri D.N. Rajasekhar Joint Secretary
Sri S. Krishnamurthy Treasurer
Smt Nirmala Rao Member
Sri C. Sonnegowda Member
Smt Bhagya Rangachar Member
Sri V. A. Krishnamurthy Member
Smt Malini Madhav Member
Smt Bharathi Shetty Member
Smt Indira Subramania Member